Make the Most of Your Space

We'll create a safe and effective solar panel design in Mayetta, Holton, Topeka & Great Bend, KS

Your solar panels produce the same kind of electricity you would get from the grid, which means there could be a shock risk when your solar array is improperly installed or handled. You can rely on the certified solar engineers at KansaSolar, LLC to create a solar panel design that's safe for you and your family.

We're licensed in many states and will make sure your solar panel design follows all local safety guidelines.

Which design is right for you?

Which design is right for you?

When deciding on the solar array design that's best for your property, we consider:

  • How much roof or land space is available
  • How much shade your area┬áreceives
  • How much electricity you use in a year
  • How your roof is oriented
  • Whether your roof is structurally sound

We'll help you decide whether your property needs a roof-based or a ground-based array, and then arrange the panels so they will generate as much energy as possible. Call 785-305-0355 today to schedule a solar array design consultation in or around Hoisington, Mayetta, Hays, Topeka and Holton, KS.